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Spa Therapy training for the visually impaired

Spa Therapy training for the visually impaired

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follow link follow link DPAB initiated see url SPA Therapy training for persons with visual impairment at Aman Kora hotel  supported by Bhutan Foundation from 15th April 2014.  It was part of the Association’s efforts to create employment opportunities for persons with disabilities by equipping them with relevant skills. Considering the rising trend of hotel and SPA industry in Bhutan, it was felt that training persons with disabilities in SPA Therapy would broaden their opportunities for employment in the future. Four visually impaired persons (2 boys and 2 girls) some of whom had not even gone to school were selected for ten months training.

source link DPAB through the Normisjon funding (saving of 3 months office rent) sent four other visually impaired persons (two boys and two girls) for similar training to Aman Kora in Paro from August 2014. It was a six-month training. Upon the completion of the course, the trainees were to be certified as professional SPA therapists. After the training, the participants were expected either to seek employment in resorts/hotels or start their own SPA business. The primary objective of initiating such a program was to help persons with visual impairment develop relevant professional skills so that they can get a decent job and live an independent life. The training was very effective and relevant for people with visual disability.