Announcement of short term training course on Healing and Massage Therapy

With financial support from CFLI (Canadian Fund for Local Initiative, DPAB is conducting five months training course on Healing and Massage training to fifteen women with disabilities or from the disadvantaged family from 1st September 2018-January 2019 at Norbu Healing Arts Centre.

Goal of the project:  to provide skills training leading to gainful employment for women with disabilities (visually impairment)

Therefore, the interested candidates, who meet the following requirements, may submit the documents to the DPAB Secretariat Office on or before 25th August 2018. 

  1. Women with disabilities (visually impaired)
  2. School drop-outs women from disadvantaged family (orphan, divorced, unemployed)
  3. Age: 18 and above.

Documents required:

  1. Citizenship Identity Card
  2. Consent Letter from parents or guardians.
  3. If school dropouts, required to submit academic transcript.