DPAB organized Psychological First Aid Trainings to PWDs.

Today, Disabled Persons’ Association of Bhutan organized a half-day training about Psychological First Aid on how to emotionally support our community especially during such pandemic of COVID 19 to the DPAB members, social workers and other relevant stakeholders who are working for the persons with disabilities in Bhutan.

Participants were trained on how to prepare frontline service providers, with vital skills like what exactly to look for, what to listen and how to link services in the community during any disastrous situation in the community.

During the meeting, the participants have also raised their voice on the importance of making inclusive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to increase the efficiency of services in the time of crisis for all.

Thank you, team, from Ministry of Health for facilitating the session.
Funded by:Normisjon (DPAB Project) 2020