Education Support

One of the objectives of establishing the Organization is to help persons with disabilities enhance their education and capabilities so that they can lead an independent life. Since most of the persons with disabilities come from economically disadvantaged family background, it’s felt that without appropriate support, they can be at the risk of either leaving their schools or not even going to school. So as part of the DPO’s efforts to realize this objective, the provision of educational support to economically disadvantaged children with disabilities was initiated in March 2012. The criteria for the identification of the beneficiaries were developed and the funding structure was developed based on the varying needs of students at different academic levels.

SI No Academic level Amount (Nu)
1 Class PP-6 Nu. 3,000.00
2 Class 7-10 Nu. 5,000.00
3 Class 11-12 Nu.10,000.00
4 University Nu.15,000.00

The beneficiaries are required to meet the following criteria to be eligible to receive the support:
1 The child should be with any form of disabilities.
2 The child should be from a single parent or parents with disability.
3 Family with disability and is also economically disadvantaged.
4 The family should have more than one child with disability and the family should be from a rural community.

5. The concerned school of the child receiving the support scheme should:

  • Identify a focal person who will monitor the child’s performance.
  • Send detail profile (Name, Age, sex, family background , contact number of the family) along with the full photo of the child to DPO management team
  • Provide any other information required by the organization and
  • Submit yearly progress report to DPO as per the school curriculum