1DPAB will identify needs and mobilize resources and services for all Persons With Disabilities and   their families in the society to support full community inclusion and participation. We will take more of a lead role in working in broader areas of community resources, and it will explore the feasibility of actively engaging members.

2. DPAB will review and strengthen its existing supports and services over time to ensure that they are relevant to the needs of PWDs. It emphasizes beneficiaries’ decision-making and community participation and integration. DPAB is committed to ensuring that all of its activities and services are effective.

3. DPAB will further assess beneficiaries and community needs to identify gaps or opportunities for improvement in service delivery. This assessment will serve as the basis for expanding or adding new services. The emphasis on further strengthening programs would be the priority in the early years, and so growth in numbers of people served may not be a priority until the later years of the plan.

4. DPAB will emphasize building its discretionary financial resources to invest in providing quality services. This includes building the endowment and establishing a maintenance fund to take care of our property assets.


DPAB office will remain closed during Saturday, Sunday and government holidays. It will be opened from Monday to Friday, 9-00 AM 4-00 PM (1st November-28/29th February) and 9-00 AM to 5-00 PM (1st March to 31st October).