Projects are developed based on the needs of Persons with disabilities. DPO has successfully implemented projects such as “ Empowerment of person with disability” under the Civil Society Fund Facility (CSOFF) support which focused on training artists with disabilities in music for two years. We also successfully completed another project “A wider world for the visually impaired” with financial support from Bhutan Foundation and in collaboration with Aman Kora Resort in Thimphu and Paro under which eight visually impaired persons have been trained on SPA Therapy. Currently, DPO has an ongoing project “Organizational Development Project – DPO”. Funded by Normisjone Project in Norway and under this project, DPO has the support to develop and streamline the organizational structure and its capacity including human resource development. This five-year project commenced in 2014 and will end in 2018. Likewise, the Association constantly explores funding support both from internal and external sources to ensure the sustainability of its facilities, services and activities, and reach out to more persons with disabilities in the communities.